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TangoCultura is an association born in Parma, Italy with the intention of transmitting, promoting and spreading the argentine culture in general, and that from Buenos Aires in particular through Tango, its dance, its music and its poetry, different sides of the same own culture.

Since its birth in Parma, Italy in 2003, It developed its activities from different “headquarters”: Parma, Buenos Aires, Bologna and whichever destinations Susana y Pablo reached. In this way, always with this “cambalache discepoleano” spirit, TangoCultura proposed and managed how to combine the different aspects of the cultures it still keeps crossing with.

Gastronomy inescapable presence, especially in Italy, twined end of courses “asados” with pasta parties and good wine.

Events, always organized with the socializing spirit of the Tango culture. And from very different kinds:
-During the lessons, the group and collectivity concept are always promoted.
-Every end of season proposes a party.
-Beginners are always accompanied in their first experience in the “milonga”
-Group trips organization inside and outside the country. (“(Buenos Aires Tour, Elba Island TangoSea Vacances)
-Organization and participation in artistic events and shows.
-Films, videos and documental projections, with later chats and debate.
-Public lessons and students exhibitions in the street and squares., Barracas, Belgrano, La Paternal (Buenos Aires). Isla de Elba (Italy). Egersund, Kristiansand, Stavanger (Norway)
-Collaboration and charity actings.

Galá Tango, in favor of AIL (against leucemia association) in Circolo di Lettura, Parma. Hospitals y nursing homes in Stavanger y Egersund (Norway)
Festival de la Danza en Wikesa y Egersund (Norway)
Festival Internacional de las Culturas in Stavanger (Norway).

The trip to Buenos Aires
“To reach and penetrate straight in Tango’s mother-earth belly...” For information…..CONTACT US

History Always present in chats, shows and meetings.
“Del Gaucho al Guapo”, show created and played by Susana y Pablo .
“El tango a través de la Evolución del abrazo”, show created, directed and played by Susana and Pablo with own texts, images, proyection and original period costumes.
“Breve Historia de la Evolución del Tango” Original idea of Carmen Rodríguez. Chat shared with Carmen in Campinas (Sao Paulo, Brasil)
“Mi Danza, mi Canto, mi Historia”, show created and directed for the Argentine Revolution (1810) Bicentennial Aniversary ), in Auditorio Paganini, Parma. In collaboration with Asociación de Extranjeros en Parma, LIBERTANGO. And with the participation of “Corale Verdi” Association.

Cultural Exchange, promoting y always toghether with the meeting of different cultures out of their own countries.: (Greeks in Italy, Ingland and Buenos Aires. Italians in Norway, Greek, Uruguay and Buenos Aires. Norwegeans in Italy, Uruguay and Buenos Aires. Dutch in Uruguay and Buenos Aires)

Asado de fin de curso
The trip to Buenos Aires
Presencias y Participaciones