…“…By the impulse of happiness the man shouted. The scream became into words, but those were not yet enough, and the man turned words into sing, then, insensitively started moving upon the sing, until when suddenly translated into the dance the happiness of life…”..(Confucius)

The “Expresion Corporal” (E.C.) or Body Expression is a kind of dance created by Mrs. Patricia Stoko at Buenos Aires, developed in different working areas, whose axes is “sensoperception”. Been “sensoperception” the unity of work, constant starting and ending point. Sensoperception, terminology adopted by Patricia Stokoe, is everybody’s reachable discipline; its objective is the deepest knowledge of oneself, and the starting of our body technique.

This axes will be used as the tool to discover our own Tango

“…Is a discovering practice and spread of our potential… and a development technique for the artistic potentials which exists in every single person…” “Dance should be accessible for everybody” (Patricia Stokoe).

“Dance place is in the houses, in the street, in life” (Maurice Béjart)

“ The senso perceptive capability belongs to all humans. Is the capacity of connecting, internalizing and interacting with the external world, the own body and the others bodies. Sensoperception as a practice pretends to get back and enrich the own body experience for the dance, for life.” (Déborah Kalmar-Marina Gubbay)

“Movement is the great images founder, and creative work is who stimulates fantasy, when work becomes mechanical man has lost his fantasy.” (Francisco Berdichevsky) Body Expression would be useful then, to those who are in the music area, painting, theater, literature, dance and movement, teachers, professionals and everybody else who wish to make their own capacities flourish.

Susana y Pablo Tango - Buenos Aires - Argentina