Architect by profession, Pablo started teaching Tango dancing in the school that was his most seminal influence - "Bohemia, Rincon de Arte" - from masters Norma Gomez Tomasi and Ernesto Carmona.

Channeling his shared passion for dancing and teaching, he developed his own teaching approach with groups in Buenos Aires. He found in Tango philosophy, his own roots, and the origins of the culture he feels part of, and originating from. He found in Tango dancing, the way of resolving his emotional expression with his creative needing. And he still has fun. He found in teaching Tango, the happiness and elation that can be felt when a student discovers the magic. For many years Pablo has researched Tango history and its origins, both of the dance and the musical form.

He respects and takes care to preserve the health of our bodies, which he regards as a tool for dancing. Pablo continues to improve on his knowledge of physiology, and functional movement. And he still has fun.

Susana y Pablo Tango - Buenos Aires - Argentina