Teaching, our approach

We use techniques to channel the passion for tango to develop the dancer to:

-Understand that dancing tango is not the mechanical repetition of choreography.

-The possibility of performing the basic, and simple, movements of tango in a personal way to enable the pleasure of creating more sophisticated movements.

-Co-operate and communicate to discover that dancing a tango implies an encounter between “you and me” that makes it magical.

It is our intention to prioritise and focus on the following:
Technical skills.
Knowledge of the body with the purpose of movement.
Enjoying the music, it motivation and the needing of expressing it dancing.
The impulse of expressing kinetically the feeling bourne through tango.
Improvisation and expression.
The different styles of Tango through history, and the origins and evolution of tango.

Susana y Pablo Tango - Buenos Aires - Argentina